Wastewater purification plant of the City of Vršac

Wastewater purification plant of the City of Vršac

The wastewater treatment plant of the town of Vršac purifies the wastewater that is collected through a 100km long sewage network most to households and business entities, which are mechanically and biologically purified. Reconstruction of WWTP includes upgrading of the tertiary level of purification – denitrification and dephosphorization, as well as rehabilitation and reconstruction of existing facilities of the complex, worn-out equipment, replacement of electrical installations and process automation, exterior decoration, facade and interior joinery, locksmithing, production of energy-efficient ecological facade and concrete and other surfaces, sidewalks and roads.

The most extensive construction work is foreseen during the construction of new denitrification tanks and sludge basins. The denitrification tanks are circular reinforced concrete structures with two rings, an outer diameter of 27m and an inner diameter of 13m, wall thickness 30cm and height of 4.50m. Concrete tanks have penetrations through which the intended equipment passes. The building is mostly buried, it is based on a concrete slab of thickness 60cm. The sludge basins consist of two parts, a circular reinforced concrete basin with a diameter of 19.7m, wall thickness 30cm and height 4m and a rectangular shaft with dimensions 2.4 x 2.4m. The pool is mostly above ground while the shaft is buried.

The goal of the reconstruction is to improve wastewater treatment, improve the general conditions of quality of life and health of the citizens of the town of Vršac and preserve the environment in the wider area.

Project Description

Client: Municipality Vršac
Location: Vršac
Year Completed: 2018. – 2021.
Value: 4.982.033,90 €