The construction of a wastewater treatment plan is “Konstruktiva’s” important activity

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The construction of a wastewater treatment plan is “Konstruktiva’s” important activity

Construction of wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) is certainly one of Konstruktiva’s primary activities. We build them in settlements of different size and population for wastewater treatment of the citizens and public services, as well as for the needs of industry.

The main answers about wwt:

Design of wastewater treatment plant

Preciznom preradom u našim postrojenjima iz otpadnih voda (OV) prvo uklanjamo grane, lišće, konzerve, platna i sav drugi krupniji otpad. U daljim fazama taloži se mulj, dok na površini plutaju ulja, masnoće i druge materije, koje se potom uklanjaju. Na kraju se u vodu dodaju korisni mikroorganizmi koji služe za razgradnju otpadnih voda.

How does the constructions of wastewater treatment plant look like?

What the purifier will look like depends largely on the amount of wastewater and the amount of pollution that must be eliminated from that water. Wastewater treatment is of the utmost importance given that wastewater generated by industrial production is the largest source of natural water pollution, whether discharged directly or through sewage as urban wastewater. That is why we strive to respect the highest standards in the construction of WWTP.

There is no unique wastewater treatment plant system.

Each wastewater has its special characteristics, but in the operation of the treatment plant, we are certainly guided by the basic postulates. The water is first mechanically treated, then Physico-chemical, and finally biological treatment. You can read more about wasterwater treatment process.

The pollution that industry can cause is not negligible. It has a lot of environmental impacts and special care must be taken when treating this wastewater.

It is important to know that joint treatment of industrial and municipal wastewater is possible in one unit, but only if industrial wastewater has been pre-treated.

Water quality obtained from WWTP purification

The quality of the treated water can be measured in several places. Typically, purified water samples can be taken from a shaft specifically intended for sampling purified water upstream of the purified water flow meter. The measurement of raw wastewater flow is provided by electromagnetic meters.

Wastewater treatment plant operation

The operation of a wastewater treatment plant which is designed to treat municipal or industrial wastewater may be jeopardized if any atmospheric water is connected to it, or groundwater infiltration occurs to a greater extent than permitted. Then the quality of the purified water cannot be guaranteed and such a problem must be fixed immediately. However, it is important to note that if the wastewater treatment system is operating according to the design regime, even if manual management is in progress, viewed from an environmental safety perspective, functioning with a very low-risk factor is ensured.

Our customers are usually also interested in whether the system is noisy. It’s not! The wastewater treatment plant is being constructed so that it does not cause any harmful noise in its operation. The noise in our existence is on the low level, too. Even devices that produce a certain level of noise have their own acoustic hood and are additionally housed inside designated spaces.
Given the increasing environmental pollution in all segments, the requirements for the quality of the discharged water are increasingly stringent. In order for them to be fulfilled, the technology we process the OP is constantly evolving. Our goal is to discharge, after treatment, the water of the required quality that does not pollute the environment.

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